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Cabanas on the Algarve Coast

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Cabanas from the air


Verena: living in the Algarve (Portugal) and enjoying it

I live now good part of the year in the sunny and peaceful Algarve in the south of Portugal,
enjoying daily  the sun, the light, the good climate, the sea and the wonderful natural surroundings.
Although being retired I am great and urge for action and to enjoy an eventful life in this beautiful place. 

Officially I am retired after well over 30 years of business life and thus I would have time and pleasure to work for you.

Maybe I could write your correspondence in foreign languages or translate for you ? I master the languages verbally and in writing,
and I also have long standing computer knowledge, especially in Office programs, graphical software, internet.

When not working I devote my time to 

o    travelling, hiking, live nature (I am on the go to Santiago de Compostela in stages)

o    computer and internet activity for education, hobby and work

o    observe the many different plants and birds during daily walks near the seaside and in the beautiful Serra

o    (my) animals: dogs, cats, birds, hens, pigeons, a canary and many parakeets

o    live and enjoy Cabanas (Portugal),

a Fishermen's village (there are nowadays few fischermen only) situated in the natural paradise of the Ria Formosa, near Tavira (Algarve/Portugal). There are tourists (many in the summer season), mostly portuguese, and also younger and older retired people
from all over, and the inevitable hotel and appartment complexes, but this grandiose nature , the beaches, the Atlantic Ocean,
the lagoons and the wide open natural landscape of this nature park can absorb them all. I think there are few such nature
paradises left in Southern Europe.

interested ?

Would you like to know more about Cabanas ? the Algarve or the Way of Saint James ?
It's with pleasure that I await your news                                                                   


        Cabanas: Boats to the Beach           Cabanas Ría in the touristic season         




The beach in the low season



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